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Dylan And Cole Sprouse

Icons and Graphics

Dylan and Cole Sprouse Fans.
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Welcome to the original Cole and Dylan icon community via livejournal. This site is dedicated to the Sprouse twins and anything related to them, including The Suite Life. Please read the rules throughly and enjoy your stay. (:.
Graphic Rules!
-All icon post must be Dylan and/or Cole related, including The Suite Life.
Other Disney stars are welcome as long as Dylan and Cole are included in your post. (If you are unsure about a post just post it anyways! You can’t go wrong!)
- Icon requests are allowed in specific location
The posting of entries asking for a certain icon to be made or customized for them is not welcome here. If you would like an icon created or customized please follow the tag to the specific post.
-Please keep posts on topic.
This community is only meant for posting icons/banners/graphics. Asking about where to find pictures, how to do certain techniques, or asking for advice is allowed but I would like to keep it to a minimum. If you have a question about making icons and are unable to find what you need by your own searches and you see someone has awesome picture, feel free to ask where they got there pictures from via their post.
-No linking to private journals.
I understand that many people like to keep their journals private now, but please be curidous when posting icons – if the icons are linked to your personal journal that is private your post will be deleted. Please repost all icons to this community. From there if you wish to link your journal you may.
General Rules
-Don’t steal icons!
Always leave a comment if you are going to take someone's icon. If you take the icon and pass the work off as your own or customize a icon without the creator's permission, you will be removed from the community.
-Be lj-cut tag friendly.
If you're posting more than five icons, please consider using the lj-cut. Since some people have slow connections, it is best to be considerate of them and their friends pages.
-Anonymous comments are not allowed.
People would like to know where their icons are going!
-No sticky caps or heavy internet slang.
-Always respect people's opinions and feelings.
Everyone just wants to post there icons. please do not tell them how much you don’t like it or how it could have been edited. Try to be as friendly as ever!
Enjoy your stay!